The Zendesk platform

Move at the speed of light

Sunshine™ is the foundation beneath Zendesk – built to help you create the best customer experiences.

Up and running in weeks

Configure Sunshine to meet your business needs quickly using apps, tools and prebuilt capabilities that fit your systems.

Designed for agility

Whether you want to bring your own code or configure in a few clicks, Sunshine lets your teams modify Zendesk to meet your unique business needs.

Open and flexible

Sunshine uses open standards and common languages, so it’s easy to create the support platform that’s exactly right for you.

Apps and SDKs

Build innovative customer experiences

Impress your customers and make it easier for them to reach out to you. Sunshine gives your developers everything they need to build customised experiences on your mobile, web or social apps.

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Customise, extend and automate

Powerful customisation to keep agents in sync

With Sunshine, adapt Zendesk capabilities to maximise agent productivity. Customise the agent workspace to keep your team organised, save time with no-code tools to automate processes and create streamlined workflows for greater efficiency.

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The Zendesk marketplace

1,200+ apps, ready to connect

The Zendesk marketplace is a one-stop shop to find partners, apps and integrations – everything you need to increase agent productivity and streamline workflows with Sunshine.

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Data and systems

Integrate your systems for a unified customer view

Connect your customer service systems to keep your data unified, accessible and actionable. Customers get more personalised experiences, agents get a complete view in every interaction and your business stays aligned to deliver even better support.

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Customer stories

How your peers use Sunshine

Share valuable customer data to every part of your business and build something beyond traditional support – the sky’s the limit.

“Zendesk is a platform that’s really enabling us to focus on our customers.”

Daniel Santrella

Director of Customer Engagement at Reverb

“One of the main reasons for switching to Zendesk ultimately was to gain those base level efficiencies. What we ended up getting was a lot more than that. Sunshine made it a lot easier for agents to have more information, which in the end resulted in a much better customer experience.”

John Wie

Director of CX

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Security and governance

Scale with security

You can trust that you’ll be safe with Sunshine. Built in are compliance, data security and privacy requirements, offering instant scale to support growth and flexible data hosting models to meet data governance needs wherever you are in the world.

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