Customer relationships that last

Zendesk helps companies deliver conversational customer relationships at any scale.

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Enter the conversational era

Customers expect a complete relationship with you. They want rich, fluid conversations – without having to repeat themselves. Zendesk captures the full customer journey and keeps them coming back for more.

Build long-term customer relationships

Integrates into everyday life

Stay connected across channels anywhere, anytime and get a unified view of every customer interaction – no matter where they are in their journey.

Personalised with intelligence

Every customer wants to feel cared for. Zendesk provides customer context and AI capabilities so you can offer a smarter, smoother experience at any scale.

Leads to a solution

Go beyond tickets and deals to focus on long-term relationships. Our flexible platform lets customers talk to you from any channel – while you respond from one inclusive interface.

Make the most of every interaction

Zendesk makes it easy to develop an ongoing connection with your customers

From sales…

First impressions are everything. And it’s often sales that sets the tone. With Zendesk Sell, engage with prospects and customers across multiple channels, and create better visibility across your team. service

Keeping up with customers across channels requires patience, persistence and a powerful CRM. Luckily, the Zendesk Suite is here to help you turn all those customer conversations into one meaningful relationship.


Apps that power smarter conversations

Connect all the apps that run your business. Your teams will get the right context for their interactions and customers will get seamless service. A win all around.

For service teams

Connect popular apps like Slack and JIRA to reduce system switching.

For sales teams

Capture leads and engage prospects quickly with apps like Ada and WhatsApp.

For all teams

Build customised processes and manage your workflow with apps such as Myndbend and SweetHawk.

Freshly uses Zendesk for B2B meal delivery

“We were able to marry our sales and support communications in one place with Zendesk. And we did it without a team of consultants, a bunch of external tools and complex features we didn’t want. Zendesk gave us everything we needed to get started quickly.”

Ben Segal

Associate Director of CX, Freshly

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