Industry CX: AI and Self-Service for Financial Services

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Financial Services is a market that is in the midst of major changes as it relates to CX and meeting customers’ expectations at scale. From the need to modernise their existing tech stack, and the proliferation of new channels, Financial Services’ consumers now demand more human experiences rather than just transactional.

On top of that, both major tech players and tech startups are entering the field with customer-first philosophies, strong digital presence and new technologies to modernise the customer experiences across the board.

So how can Financial Services organisations match the customer expectations and service levels, whilst delivering secure and personalised services? Would conversational AI improving self-service be the solution for Financial Services?

This first webinar of the Industry CX series brings together leading experts to discuss the key CX trends for Financial Services and the role of emerging technologies when providing more personalised customer experiences. Boost AI will run a live demo to explore the AI opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the key CX trends for Financial Services?
  • How can Financial Services organisations use emerging technologies to match their customers’ expectations at scale; and what are these technologies?
  • How can conversational AI be used to improve self-service? Chat and live demo with Boost AI

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